Large showy flowers may be solitary or clustered. Small to medium size flowers are more variable than large ones, and may be in dangling spikes or racemes, clusters or umbels (umbrella-shaped clusters), in catkins or balls, and may be paired or individual.

Tree fruit may be a capsule or pod, a nut in a husk, an acorn, a key or wing, a cone or clustered tiny fruits in a ball. A fruit may also be a berry or drupe (a fleshy fruit with a hard central stone), a compound berry or be fleshy (like an apple).

Only certain types of leaves are listed as useful identifiers, including leaves that are palmately compound (like fingers around a palm), pinnately compound (like a feather or two-sided comb), needles or scales and evergreen.

Only certain kinds of bark are included as identifiers, including bark that is shaggy, horizontally marked or peeling, and thin and peeling in large pieces.

Woody Vines
A list of woody vines is provided.