Aspen, Big-tooth

Populus grandidentata
A medium size tree to 60’ tall and 1’ in diameter. The young bark is yellowish-tan and has a blistered appearance. Bark at the base of the trunk is darker and furrowed into vertical ridges. The broadly ovate leaves are on long, flattened stalks in clusters near the end of twigs. The leaf tip is pointed and the base flattened. The coarse teeth are blunt and somewhat curved. The young leaves are pale and hairy on both sides; the older leaves are whitish-wooly beneath. The 1½-2” drooping male catkins are reddish and furry. Female catkins are on separate trees and are somewhat longer and denser than the male ones. The fruit is a ¼” capsule containing tiny cottony seeds. Blooms in April before the leaves appear.
Bigtooth aspen is often a “pioneer” tree, populating burned over areas and abandoned fields.