Willow-Herb, Common/ Purple-Leaved Willow-Herb

Epilobium coloratum
The 3 willow-herb species shown here have lance-shaped, nearly sessile leaves. There are 4 notched, roundish, white or pink petals and long, slender, upright, 4-sided seedpods.

This species is an upright, branched, often purple-stemmed 1-3' plant. The alternate lance-shaped leaves have tiny teeth and may have purplish markings. The <1/4" nodding, lavender, pink or white flowers are at the tips of 1-2" stalk-like, fine-haired seed capsules that arise from the leaf axils. Each of the 4 petals is notched 1/3 of its length. Blooms July, August in moist ground, ditches, swamp-edges.

The flowers of Downy (E. strictum) and Hairy (E. hirsutum) willow-herbs do not droop.