Aniseroot/ Sweet anise

Osmorhiza longistylus
The 1-3' plants usually have smooth, hairless stems and leaves. The tiny white flowers are in few-rayed compound umbels. Sepals are tiny or non-existent. There are 1 or more bracts beneath the primary umbel and several lance-shaped ones beneath each secondary umbel. The toothed, fern-like leaves are in 3's and each is pinnately divided or compound. The slender 1/2" seedpods are upright. The roots have an anise-like smell. Blooms May-June in woods and clearings.

Sweet cicely (O. claytoni) is similar but is hairy and the roots do not have a spicy smell.

Honewort (Cryptotaenia canadensis) blooms later and the leaves are sharp-toothed and are not fernlike.