Buckeye, Ohio

Aesculus glabra
A small to medium size tree up to 70’ tall and with a trunk diameter to 2’. The gray bark is furrowed into scaly plates and the end bud scales are ridged. The long-stalked opposite leaves are palmately compound with 5-7 elliptical, saw-toothed leaflets. The ½-1”, bell-shaped, yellow to green flowers are in upright 4-6” pyramidal clusters at the end of twigs. There are 2 upright upper petals and 2 side petals, and the stamens protrude well beyond the petals. The fruit is a pale brown, leathery, weakly and sparsely spined capsule containing 1-3 large, dark brown, lustrous, poisonous seeds. Blooms April, May; fruits September, October.

Buckeye seeds were once carried to ward off rheumatism

Yellow buckeye (Aesculus octandra) also has yellow flowers but the stamens do not protrude and the fruit capsule does not have spines. Horsechestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) flowers are white with colored markings and the fruit capsules have many strong spines.