Beech American beech is a large tree with smooth bark, simple leaves, small flowers in hanging balls and nuts in prickly husks. American chestnut has simple leaves, flowers in largish white catkins and nuts in very prickly husks.
Birch Hazelnuts are bushes with simple leaves, tiny flowers in catkins and nuts in irregular, fringed husks.
Walnut Walnuts, hickories and butternuts are large trees with pinnately compound leaves, flowers in catkins and nuts in husks. The bark is shaggy and vertically peeling in some species of hickory.
Linden Medium to large trees with heart-shaped, fine-toothed leaves. Clusters of fragrant, yellow flowers hang on a stalk partly imbedded in a long, leaf-like bract.
Horsechestnut Trees with palmately compound leaves, showy upright clusters of flowers and dark brown seeds in husks, some prickly.