Pea Locust trees have pinnately compound leaves, dangling racemes of fragrant pea-like flowers and seeds in pods. May be thorny.
Birch Hop hornbeam is a small tree with vertically peeling bark, tiny flowers in catkins and dangling clusters of inflated, angled, papery capsules.
Saxifrage Mock orange is a bush with simple leaves, showy flowers and partitioned capsules. Wild hydrangea has flowers in umbels, fruit is a capsule.
Bignonia Catalpas are trees with simple leaves, clusters of showy flowers and long seed pods containing tufted seeds.
Witch-hazel Trees and bushes with simple leaves, flowers in clusters. Fruit is a simple capsule in Witch hazel proper and a prickly ball of small capsules in Sweetgum.
Soapberry Golden rain tree has pinnately compound leaves, clusters of yellow flowers and of inflated capsules.
Bladdernut Bushes with simple leaves, clusters of urn-shaped flowers. Fruit is an inflated, ribbed capsule.