Rose Blackberries, raspberries, dewberries and the roses proper are prickly brambles with compound leaves, 5-part radially symmetrical flowers and compound berries, or in roses proper, single berries (hips).
Pea The locusts have pinnately compound leaves, pea-like flowers in clusters, and seeds in elongated pods.
Honeysuckle The elderberries have pinnately compound leaves, small white flowers in clusters, and clusters of small berries.
Maple Box-elder is the only maple with compound leaves. The small flowers are clustered on drooping stalks; fruits are paired keys.
Olive The ashes are trees with pinnately compound leaves and with small flowers in clusters and balls. Fruit is a key.
Ginseng Trees or bushes with compound leaves. Tiny flowers and berries are in umbels.
Walnut Chestnuts, hickories and walnuts proper are trees with rough bark, tiny flowers in catkins and nuts in husks.
Cashew (Sumac) Sumacs are small trees with tiny flowers and hairy berries in upright clusters.
Bladdernut A bush or small tree with drooping clusters of small white flowers. Fruit is a ribbed, inflated, papery capsule.
Quassia Tree of heaven has small flowers in clusters and dense masses of reddish keys.
Soapberry Golden rain tree has clusters of showy yellow flowers and of inflated, angular, papery capsules.