Mint 34 The corolla has 2 lips, the upper usually 2-lobed and the lower 3-lobed. Stem is square and the simple leaves are opposite. Some species are aromatic.
Snapdragon (Figwort) 26 The corolla tube has 2 lips, the upper with 2 lobes and the lower with 3, much like the mints. Unlike the mints, square stems are rare. See also Speedwells in 4-petal Radial Symmetry Group.
Pea 25 Most are herbs, some of them vines, but may be trees. There are 5 petals, the lowest 2 fused into a "keel". The 2 side petals are "wings" and the upper petal is the "banner". The leaves are opposite and usually compound and have stipules. Tendrils are common, and plants may be vines.
Honeysuckle 13 Petals may be united at the base and 2-lipped. Some species have 5 nearly equal petals not arranged in lips. The Elderberry has small radially symmetrical flowers. Mostly shrubs or vines.
Violet 10 Low plants that flower in the spring and summer. There are 5 petals, and the lowest extends back in a spur. Leaves are alternate and long stemmed.
Iris 4 Radially symmetrical flowers are showy, have 3 petals, 3 sepals and 3 large stamens. See also Iris Family, Blue-eyed grass, in 6-petal Radial Symmetry Group.
Lobelia 4 The corolla is two lipped, the upper with two upright lobes and the lower with 3 lobes. Leaves are alternate and may be lobed or toothed.
Orchid 3 Flowers have 3 sepals and 3 petals, the lowest petal often forming a large, elaborate sac. The simple leaves are parallel-veined.
Arum/Calla 3 More or less bilaterally symmetrical plants. The petal-less and sepal-less flowers are on a club-like spadix partially enclosed by the spathe, a floral bract.
Touch-Me-Not 2 Single, brightly colored flowers hang down from slender stems. The plant is succulent and has watery juice. Ripe seedpods explode to the touch.
Bignonia 2 Trees, shrubs, or vines with large, showy, tubular funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers with 5 somewhat irregular corolla lobes. Fruit is a long pod that splits to release seeds.
Broomrape 2 Small parasitic plant that lack leaves and chlorophyll. The small flowers have a 2-lipped corolla.
Caper 1 The 4 long petals are all on the upper half of the flower. Stamens are even longer than the petals.
Pickerelweed 1 An aquatic plant with small funnel-shaped flowers in spikes. The upper lip is 3-lobed. Long-stalked, glossy green leaves.
Teasel 1 Large, prickly plants have small flowers in an egg-shaped head ringed by long, slender, rigid, prickly bracts. The corolla is 4-lobed. See also in 4-petaled radial symmetry group.
Acanthus 1 Petal arrangement similar to snapdragons in the one species in this guide. Found in or along streams. The genus Ruellia has radially symmetrical and bell-shaped flowers.