Lily 38 See 6-petal section. The 3 sepals may or may not closely resemble the 3 petals, so Lilies may appear to have either 3 or 6 "petals".
Arrowhead/Water Plantain 2 Found in swamps or on stream banks. Flowers are in whorls of 3 on leafless stalks. Long-stemmed basal leaves.
Spiderwort 2 Flowers in clusters with only 1 or 2 in bloom at a time. Lowest petal is smaller than the other two in the Dayflowers.
Birthwort 2 Low plants with no petals, but there is a swollen, brown, corolla-like calyx tube with 3 flaring lobes.
False Mermaid 1 The single species is a small plant with weak, succulent stems, pinnate leaves, tiny, bell-shaped flowers.