Alternate Refers to leaves arising singly along a stem, not in pairs.

Anther The pollen-producing end part of the stamen.

Axil The angle where a leaf attaches to the stem.

Banner The uppermost petal in a Pea Family flower.

Bilateral symmetry Having mirror image right and left halves, like a face.

Bloom A whitish powdery coating on a stem or fruit. Wipes off easily.

Bract A modified leaf immediately under a flower. Collectively, an involucre of bracts.

Calyx The outer ring of flower parts. Called sepals if separate, a calyx tube if joined. Usually green but may be petal-like.

Capsule A dry fruit with 1 or more compartments.

Clasping Refers to a leaf with a base that partly surrounds the stem.

Compound Refers to a leaf made up of 3 or more separate leaflets.

Corolla The inner ring of flower parts. Called petals if separate, a corolla tube if united.

Disc The round center of a composite flower. Made up of numerous tiny tubular disc flowers. Usually surrounded by flat, strap-like ray flowers.

Dissected Refers to a deeply cut leaf, the cuts not reaching the midline.

Elliptic Refers to a leaf that is egg-shaped with the widest part near the middle.

Entire Refers to a leaf with margins that are not toothed.

Filament The slender stalk-like part of the stamen. Bears an anther at the tip.

Head A crowded cluster of stalk less or near-stalk less flowers.

Herb A non-woody plant. ie., not a tree, bush or woody vine.

Involucre (of bracts) Circular row(s) of bracts supporting a flower.

Keel The united 2 lowest petals of a Pea Family flower.

Lance-shaped Refers to a leaf that is much longer than wide and pointed at the tip.

Leaflet An individual part of a compound leaf.

Linear Refers to a long, very narrow leaf with parallel sides.

Lip A division of the end of a corolla tube. May itself be lobed.

Lobed Refers to a leaf with indentations in the margin that do not reach the midline if pinnately lobed, or the midpoint if palmately lobed.

Node The place on a stem where leaves or branches arise.

Opposite Refers to leaves that are in pairs on the stem, one leaf on each side.

Ovary The swollen seed-producing base of the pistil.

Ovate Refers to leaves that are egg-shaped and widest near the base.

Palmate Describes leaf lobes or leaflets that radiate from a center, like fingers from a hand.

Petal A segment of the corolla. May be separate or joined at the base.

Pinnate Describes lobes or leaflets arranged along a midline, like the parts of a feather.

Pistil The female organ of a flower. Made up of the ovary, a slender stalk (style) and a tip (stigma).

Pistillate Refers to a female flower, having a pistil but no functional stigmas.

Raceme A long cluster of stalked flowers along a central stem.

Radial symmetry Symmetry around a central axis, like the spokes of a wheel.

Rays Flat, strap-like flowers that surround the central disc in a composite flower.

Rosette, basal A crowded circle of leaves around the base of a stem.

Sepal A separate segment of the calyx. Usually green but may be petal-like. Corresponds to a calyx lobe if the calyx is undivided.

Sessile Refers to a leaf, flower, or fruit that has no stalk.

Shrub A relatively low woody plant having several branches from near the base.

Spadix (Arum Family) A club-like stalk covered with tiny "flowers".

Spathe (Arum Family) A leaf-like sheath enfolding the spadix.

Spike A long cluster of un-stalked flowers along a central stem.

Spur A hollow tubular extension of the corolla.

Stamen The male organ of a flower, made up of a slender stalk (filament) tipped with a pollen-bearing anther.

Staminate Refers to a male flower, having stamens but no pistil.

Standard A petal of an iris.

Stigma The tip of the pistil. May be forked or knob-like.

Stipule A small leaf-like structure at the base of a leaf stalk.

Style The slender stalk of the pistil, bearing the stigma at its tip.

Succulent Refers to a fleshy, watery stem or leaf.

Toothed Refers to a leaf with a saw tooth edge.

Tuber Fleshy, enlarged part of an underground stem (like a potato).

Umbel An umbrella-like cluster of flowers, the flower stalks arising from one point.

Whorl Three or more leaves radiating from the same level on a stem.

Wing A thin membranous structure extending along a stem, leaf-stalk or seed. Also, a lateral petal of a Pea Family flower.