Mushrooms shown in this section do not fit into any of the other sub-headings. They have no gills or pores and do not have the structure of puffballs with their central mass of spores and are not crusts or slimes.

Amanita mold Hypomyces hyalinus
Bear's head tooth fungus
Bolete eater Hypomyces completus
Chanterelle, smooth Cantharellus lateritius
Coal fungus Daldinia concentrica
Crown coral fungus Clavicorona pyxidata
Cup fungus Peziza repanda
Dead man's tongue Camarops petersii
Dead Moll's fingers Xylaria longipes
Earth tongue, velvety Trichoglossum hirsutum
Fairy club fungus Clavulinopsis fusiformis
Golden spindles
Hedgehog coral Hericium coralloides
Morel, common Morchella esculenta
Morel, true
Parchment, crowded Stereum complicatum
Satyr's beard mushroom
Sterile micelium Mycelia sterila
Toadstool pinmold Syzygites megalocarpus
Tooth fungus, bearded Hericeum erinaceus
Unbranched herecium