Crust fungi are thin, spreading leathery sheets. Some are thicker than others and the surface can be smooth or rough. If the crust has pores it is included in the pored mushroom section

Slimes are "slimy" only on emergence at the start of life. In the very early stage the slime can flow very slowly. Slimes often change morphologic features as they age and one stage may not be recognizable as the same species in another stage.

Flower This family contains flowers.

Amber jelly roll Excidia recisa
Autumn slime mold Mucilago crustacean
Bisquit batter Biscogniauxa atriopunctata
Bracket, purple pore Trichaptum abietum
Cellar fungus
Ceramic parchment Xylobolus frustulatus
Coral slime Ceratomyxa fruliticulosa
Crust, brown toothed Hydnochaete olivaceum
Crust, reddish brown Tabacena hymenochaete
Cylindrobasidium evolvens Cylindrobasidium evolvens
Dog vomit
Hop hornbeam disc Aleurodiscus oaksii
Hypoxilon canker
Phlebia, radiating Phlebia radiata
Scrambled egg slime Fuligo septica
Slime flux Lelliottia nimipressuralis
Slime mold, autumn Mucilago, crustacea
Stump flux Cryptococcus macerans
Tooth fungus, ochre spreading Steccherinum ochraceum
Toothed crust fungus Basidioradulum radula
Turkey-tail, false Sterium ostrea
Witch's butter Tremella mesenterica
Wood-crust, coral Phlebia incarnata
Woodcrust, gelatinous Phlebia tremellosa