Pores are found on the undersurface of this sort of mushroom. The pores are the openings into a honeycomb-like collection of tubes where sores are produced. The pores vary in size, shape and thickness of the wall. Mushrooms with pores are usually found on wood and several are perennials and may survive for some years. These mushrooms tend to be tough or woody and are not edible. Many pored mushrooms have no stalk, or only a rudimentary one and are called shelves or brackets.

Flower This family contains flowers.

Artist's conk Ganoderma applanatum
Artist's fungus
Birch mazegill Lenzites betulina
Bolete, bitter Tylopilus fellius
Bolete, ruby Boletus rubellus
Bolete, two colored Baorangia bicolor
Bracket, beech
Bracket, black cherry Fomitopsis spraguei
Bracket, currycomb Daedaliopsis confragosa
Bracket, lacquered Ganoderma resinaceum
Bracket, lumpy Trametes gibbosa
Chicken of the woods Laetiporus sulphureus
Currycomb bracket Daedaleopsis confragosa
Deer colored tramete Trametopsis cervina
Dryad's saddle Polyporus squamosus
Hen of the woods Grifolia frondosa
Inonotus Inonotus glomeratus
Ling chih Ganoderma lucidum
Maze-gill, oak Daedalea quercina
Mazegill, birch Lenzites betulina
Old man of the woods Srobilomyces floccopus
Pheasant's back mushroom
Polypore, birch Piptoporus betulinus
Polypore, black footed Royoporus badius
Polypore, black stainiing Meripilus sumstinei
Polypore, cinnabar-red Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
Polypore, cracked-cap Phellinus robiniae
Polypore, elegant Polyporus badius
Polypore, hexagon-pored Polyporus alveolaris
Polypore, little nest Poronidulus conchifer
Polypore, milk-white toothed Irpex lacteus
Polypore, mustard-yellow Phellinus gilvus
Polypore, red-belted Fomitopsis pinicola
Polypore, resinous Ischoderma resinosum
Polypore, spring Polyporus arcularius
Polypore, tinder Fomes fomentarius
Polypore, violet-toothed Tricaptum biforme
Polypore, white-cheese Tyromyces chioneus
Polypore, winter Polyporus brumalis
Polypore, yellow-red Gloeophyllum septarium
Ruddy panus
Splitgill Schizophyllum commune
Sulphur shell
Thin-maze flat polypore
Tramete, deer colored Trametopsis cervina
Tramete, elegant Trametes elegans
Turkey-tail Trametes versicolor