Most mushrooms with gills also have stalks and are annuals, unable to survive over winter. Some gilled mushrooms are edible and some are not. The gills radiate from the stalk and vary considerably in color, distance between neighbors, thickness and whether or not they are attached to the stock. If they are not they are termed "free". The spores are produced in the gills.

Gilled mushrooms have two veils during development. The universal veil encases the entire mushroom and the partial veil hides and protects the gills. Some mature mushrooms retain vestiges of a veil: Scales or warts on the top of the cap and/or a sac-like cup around the base of the stalk a\are remnants of an universal veil; thin tags hanging from the cap margin and/or an upper stalk ring derive from a partial veil.

The above descriptive features are useful in identification.

Flower This family contains flowers.

Agaric, rooted Xerula furfuracea
Agaricus, large spored Agaricus macrospora
Agrocybe, hard Agrocybe dura
Alcohol inky cap
Almond mushroom Agaricus subrufescens
Amanita sect. Amanita Amanita sect. Amanita
Artist's crumblecap Psathyrella delineata
Blewit Clitocybe nuda
Blusher, eastern American Amanita ;amerirubescens
Brittlegill, stinking Russula fragrantissima
Broadgill Megacollybia rodmani/Tricholomopsis platyphylla
Chanterelle, false
Clitocybe, abundant Clitocybula abundans
Clitocybe, funnel
Clubfoot Amanita rhopalopus
Clustered bonnet Mycena inclinata
Collybia, buttery Rhodocollybia butyracea
Collybia, oak-loving Gymnopus dryophilus
Collybia, rooted
Conifer tuft Hypholoma capnoides
Crep, flat Crepidotus applanatus
Crumblecap, fringed Psathyrella candolleana
Deceptive milky Lactarius deceptivus
Destroying angel Amanita bisporigens
Fairy helmet Mycena inclinata
Fairy helmet, golden Mycena leaiana
Flat crep Crepidotus applanatus
Fly agaric Amanita muscaria var formosa
Fly agaric, yellow-orange Amanita muscaria var.guessowi
Freckled dapperling Lepiota aspera
Funnelcap Infundibulocybe squamulosa
Funnelcap, clubfoot Ampulloclitocybe clavipes
Funnelcap, forest Infundibulicybe gibba
Funnelcap, robust Clitocybe robusta
Galerina, deadly Galerina marginata
Grisette mushroom Amanita vaginatae
Hairy panus Panus rudis
Honey mushroom Armillaria mellea
Inky cap, common Coprinopsis atramentaria
Jack o'lantern Omphalotus illudens
Laccaria, purple gilled Laccaria ochropurpurea
Lawn mower mushroom Panaeolus foesisicii
Lepiota, smooth Leucoagricarius naucina
Meadow mushroom Agaricus campestris
Meadow mushroom, false Agaricus andrewii
Mica cap Coprinellus micaceus
Nestcap Phyllotopsis nidulans
Oak stump bonnet cap
Oyster mushroom Pleurotis ostreatus
Oyster, late Panella seratinus
Oyster, pale Pleurotus pulmonarius
Panellus, luminescent Panellus stypticus
Parasol mushroom Macrolepiota procera
Parasol, shaggy Chlorophyllum
Pholiota, sharp-scaly Pholiota squarrosioides
Pinwheel mushroom Marasmus rotula
Pleated pluteus Pluteus longistriatus
Purple bloom russula Russula mariae
Red gilled cort Cortinarius semisanguineus
Root rot, armillaria Armillaria gallica
Sharp scaled lepiota
Sharp scaled parasol
Simocybe. American Simocybe centunculus
Two spored angel of death
Weeping widow Lachrymaria lacrymabunda
Wrinkled psathyrella
Yellow bolbitus
Yellow Caesar Amanita caesarea/Amanita jacksonii
Yellow cow pat toadstool
Yellow fieldcap Bolbitus titubans