Trees or bushes with alternate, simple, usually toothed leaves. The tiny male and female flowers are on separate trees in crowded, narrow catkins. Fruit is a capsule containing many seeds attached to silky white down. Includes willows (Salix genus), usually with long, lance-shaped leaves and upright catkins and favoring wet places; and poplars and aspens (Populus genus), trees with stalked, heart- to egg-shaped, toothed leaves and hanging catkins.

Tree This family contains trees.

Aspen, Big-toothSpecies is a Tree Populus grandidentata
Aspen, QuakingSpecies is a Tree Populus tremuloides
Cottonwood, commonSpecies is a Tree
Cottonwood, easternSpecies is a Tree Populus deltoides
Poplar, BalsamSpecies is a Tree Populus balsamifera
Poplar, CarolinaSpecies is a Tree
Poplar, graySpecies is a Tree Populus canescens
Poplar, necklaceSpecies is a Tree
Willow, brittleSpecies is a Tree
Willow, crackSpecies is a Tree Salix fragilis
Willow, pussy Salix discolor
Willow, SandbarSpecies is a Tree Salix interior
Willow, snapSpecies is a Tree
Willow, WeepingSpecies is a Tree Salix babylonica