Trees or bushes with opposite, long-stalked, palmately lobed and veined leaves. The sap is milky in some species. The small flowers are in branched clusters and have 4 or 5 sepals and 4 or 5 overlapping petals. The fruit is a pair of flat, long-winged, 1-seeded keys.

Tree This family contains trees.

BoxelderSpecies is a Tree Acer negundo
Maple, ashleafSpecies is a Tree
Maple, big leafSpecies is a Tree Acer macrophyllum
Maple, blackSpecies is a Tree Acer nigrum
Maple, NorwaySpecies is a Tree Acer platanoides
Maple, OregonSpecies is a Tree
Maple, RedSpecies is a Tree Acer rubrum
Maple, SilverSpecies is a Tree Acer saccarinum
Maple, stripedSpecies is a Tree Acer pensylvanicum
Maple, SugarSpecies is a Tree Acer saccharum