The radially symmetrical flowers are often borne singly. There are 5 sepals and 5 roundish petals, but in some species petals are absent. The stamens are numerous. The alternate leaves may be simple or compound and usually have stipules.

Roses are highly prized cultivated flowers, and many edible berries and fruits are in this family.Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and quinces are examples.

Tree This family contains trees.
Flower This family contains flowers.

Agrimony, hairy Agrimonia griposepala
Agrimony, small-flowered Agrimonia parviflora
Avens, Rough-fruited/ Rough Avens Geum virginianum
Avens, White Geum canadense
BlackberrySpecies is a Tree Rubus allegheniensis
Bowman's Root/ Indian Physic Gillenia trifoliata
Cherry, BlackSpecies is a Tree Prunus serotina
Cherry, SweetSpecies is a Tree Prunus avium
Choke CherrySpecies is a Tree Prunus virginiana
Cinquefoil, Common Potentilla simplex
Cinquefoil, Dwarf/ Fivefingers Potentilla canadensis
Cinquefoil, Rough Potentilla norvegica
Cinquefoil, Rough Fruited Potentilla recta
Cinquefoil, ShrubbySpecies is a Tree Potentilla fruticosa
Crabapple, WildSpecies is a Tree Malus coronaria
Dewberry, BristlySpecies is a Tree Rubus hispidus
Dewberry, PricklySpecies is a Tree Rubus flagellaris
Goats-Beard Aruncus dioicus
HawthornSpecies is a Tree Crataegus
Meadowsweet, Broad-LeavedSpecies is a Tree Spiraea latifolia
Meadowsweet, Narrow-LeafSpecies is a Tree Spiraea alba
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius
Raspberry, BlackSpecies is a Tree Rubus occidentalis
Raspberry, Purple-Flowering Rubus odoratus
Rose, MemorialSpecies is a Tree Rosa wichuraiana
Rose, MultifloraSpecies is a Tree Rosa multiflora
Rose, PastureSpecies is a Tree Rosa carolina
Rose, SwampSpecies is a Tree Rosa palustris
ServiceberrySpecies is a Tree Amelanchier arborea
SpireaSpecies is a Tree
Steeplebush/ HardhackSpecies is a Tree Spirea tomentosa
Strawberry, Indian Duchesnia indica
Strawberry, Wild Fragaria virginiana
Strawberry, Wood Fragaria vesca