Mallows may be velvety, and have showy, radially symmetrical flowers with 5 wide petals and 6 sepals. The flowers occur singly or in branched clusters. The numerous stamens are united. The alternate, simple leaves are often palmately lobed.

Cultivated flowers in the mallow family include hollyhocks and hibiscus. Okra and cotton are mallows.

Flower This family contains flowers.

Flower-of-an-Hour Hibiscus trionum
Hollyhock Alcea rosea
Mallow, Common/ Cheeses Malva neglecta
Mallow, European
Mallow, hollyhock
Mallow, large-flowered Malva alcea
Mallow, Musk Mallow moschata
Mallow, vervain
Rose of SharonSpecies is a Tree Hibiscus syriacus
Rose-Mallow, Crimson-Eyed Hibiscus palustris, forma peckii
Rose-Mallow, Swamp Hibiscus palustris
Velvet-Leaf Abutilon theophrasti