Members of this family are usually shrubs or vines. The flowers can be radially or bilaterally symmetrical and there are 5 small sepals and 5 petals, united at the base and trumpet-like or two-lipped. The opposite leaves may be simple or compound.

Snowberries, wiegelia, viburnums, honeysuckles and elderberries are examples.

Tree This family contains trees.
Flower This family contains flowers.

Arrowwood, Northern/ Toothed ArrowwoodSpecies is a Tree Viburnum recognitum
Elderberry, Red-BerriedSpecies is a Tree Sambucus pubens
Elderberry/ American ElderSpecies is a Tree Sambucus canadensis
Haw, Smooth BlackSpecies is a Tree Viburnum prunifolium
HobblebushSpecies is a Tree Viburnum alnifolium
Honeysuckle, JapaneseSpecies is a Tree Lonerica japonica
Honeysuckle, LimberSpecies is a Tree Lonicera dioica
Honeysuckle, MorrowSpecies is a Tree Lonicera morrowi
Honeysuckle, TartarianSpecies is a Tree Lonicera tatarica
NannyberrySpecies is a Tree Viburnum lentago
SnowberrySpecies is a Tree Symphoricarpos albus
Viburnum, CranberrySpecies is a Tree Viburnum trilobum
Viburnum, Maple-LeafedSpecies is a Tree Viburnum acerifolia