Plants in the heath family prefer acid soil and are usually shrubs with showy, radially symmetrical flowers that are sometimes dish-shaped. There are usually 5 (rarely 4) petals that may be united or separate. The flowers are solitary or in clusters. The simple, alternate leaves are often evergreen.

Tree This family contains trees.
Flower This family contains flowers.

Arbutus, Trailing Epigaea repens
Blueberry, Low-bushSpecies is a Tree Vaccinium angustifolium
Blueberry, Velvet leaf/ Canada BlueberrySpecies is a Tree Vaccinium myrtilloides
Laurel, MountainSpecies is a Tree Kalmia latifolia
Lily-of-the-valley tree
Rhododendron, Great/ Great LaurelSpecies is a Tree Rhododendron maximum
Sorrel tree
SourwoodSpecies is a Tree Oxydendrum arboreum
Wintergreen/ TeaBerry/ Checkerberry Gaultheria procumbens