Dogwoods are mostly shrubs and small trees. The leaves may be opposite, alternate or whorled and usually are smooth edged. The true flowers are usually small and inconspicuous and are 4- or 5-part. The tiny flowers are often surrounded by 4 showy, white, petal-like bracts. The fruit is usually berry-like.

Tree This family contains trees.

Dogwood, alternate leafSpecies is a Tree Cornus alternifolia
Dogwood, FloweringSpecies is a Tree Cornus florida
Dogwood, narrow leafSpecies is a Tree Cornus obliqua
Dogwood, pagodaSpecies is a Tree
Dogwood, PaleSpecies is a Tree
Dogwood, Red-PanicleSpecies is a Tree Cornis racemosa
Dogwood, SilkySpecies is a Tree Cornus amomum
Tupelo, BlackSpecies is a Tree Nyssa sylvatica