Tansy, Common Tanacetum vulgare Dandelion-Like
Teaberry (see Wintergreen/ TeaBerry/ Checkerberry)
Tearthumb, Arrow-Leaved Polygonum sagittatum Buckwheat
Tearthumb, Halberd-Leaved Polygonum arifolium Buckwheat
Teasel Dipsacus sylvestris Teasel
Teasel, Cut-leaf Dipsacus laciniatus
Thale-Cress (see Cress, Mouse Ear/ Thale-Cress)
Thimbleweed/ Tall Anemone Anemone virginiana Buttercup
Thin-maze flat polypore (see Currycomb bracket)
Thistle, Bull Cirsium vulgare Thistle-Like
Thistle, Canada Cirsium arvense Thistle-Like
Thistle, Fragrant (see Thistle, Pasture/ Fragrant Thistle)
Thistle, Pasture/ Fragrant Thistle Cirsium pumilum Thistle-Like
Thistle, Tall Cirsium altissimum Thistle-Like
Thistle, Welted Carduus crispus No Obvious Symmetry
Thorn-Apple (see Jimsonweed/ Thorn-Apple)
Thoroughwort (see Boneset/ Thoroughwort)
Thoroughwort, Late-Flowering Eupatorium serotinum Joe-Pye-Weed-Like
Thoroughwort, White Eupatorium album Composite
Tick trefoil, Dillen's Desmodium glabellum Pea
Tick-Trefoil, Hoary Desmodium canescens Pea
Tick-trefoil, large-bracted Desmodium cuspidatum Pea
Tick-Trefoil, Panicled Desmodium paniculatum Pea
Tick-Trefoil, Showy Desmodium canadense Pea
Tickseed, lance-leaved (see Coreopsis, Lance-leaved)
Timothy Phleum pratense
Tinder fungus (see Polypore, tinder)
Toadflax, Common (see Butter-and-eggs/ Common Toadflax)
Toadflax, Small (see Snapdragon, Dwarf/ Small Toadflax)
Toadshade/ Sessile Trillium Trillium sessile Lily
Toadstool pinmold Syzygites megalocarpus Miscellaneous Fungi
Tomato, Strawberry Physalis pruinosa Tomato/Nightshade
Tooth fungus, bearded Hericeum erinaceus Miscellaneous Fungi
Tooth fungus, ochre spreading Steccherinum ochraceum Crusts And Slimes
Toothed crust fungus Basidioradulum radula Crusts And Slimes
Toothwort, Cut-Leaved/ Pepper-Root Dentaria laciniata Mustard
Toothwort, Two Leaved/ Pepperwort/ Crinkleroot Dentaria diphylla Mustard
Touch-Me-Not, Pale (see Jewelweed, Pale/ Pale Touch-Me-Not)
Touch-Me-Not, Spotted (see Jewelweed, Spotted/ Spotted Touch-Me-Not)
Tramete, deer colored Trametopsis cervina Mushrooms With Pores (Polypores)
Tramete, elegant Trametes elegans Mushrooms With Pores (Polypores)
Tree slime (see Stump flux)
Tree-Of-Heaven Ailanthus altissima Quassia
Trefoil, Birdfoot Lotus corniculatus Pea
Trillium, Dwarf White (see Trillium, Snow/ Dwarf White Trillium)
Trillium, Erect (see Wakerobin/ Red Trillium/ Stinking Willie/ Erect Trillium)
Trillium, Large Flowered Trillium grandiflorum Lily
Trillium, Nodding Trillium cernuum Lily
Trillium, Red (see Wakerobin/ Red Trillium/ Stinking Willie/ Erect Trillium)
Trillium, Sessile (see Toadshade/ Sessile Trillium)
Trillium, Snow/ Dwarf White Trillium Trillium nivale Lily
Trumpet-creeper Campsis radicans Bignonia
Tuckahoe (see Arum, Arrow/ Tuckahoe)
Tulip Tree/ Tulip Poplar/ Yellow Poplar Liriodendron tulipifera Magnolia
Tupelo, Black Nyssa sylvatica Dogwood
Turkey-tail Trametes versicolor Mushrooms With Pores (Polypores)
Turkey-tail, false Sterium ostrea Crusts And Slimes
Turnip, Wild Brassica rapa, subspecies sylvestris Mustard
Turtlehead Chelone glabra Snapdragon (Figwort)
Two spored angel of death (see Destroying angel)
Two-Eyed Berry (see Partridge-Berry/ Two-Eyed Berry)
Dipsacus sylvestris
Physalis pubescans
Physalis subglabrata
Solanum carolinense
Datura stramonium
Solanum dulcamara
Solanum nigrum
Physalis pruinosa
Impatiens pallida
Impatiens capensis